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The Diaspora Relief (DR) is a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development non-governmental organization. Diaspora Relief, is a collection of members across the pan-African diaspora who are deeply concerned with the difficulties experienced by Black people in their attempt to escape the war conditions currently unfolding in Ukraine. We catered for students and families within our reach with evacuation, accommodation, feeding, therapy, academic consultancy amongst other basic amenities. The Diaspora Relief provides emergency aid and long-term assistance to refugees and those displaced by war, persecution, or natural disaster. The Diaspora Relief is currently working in about 15 countries where it resettles refugees and helps them become self-sufficient. It focuses mainly on health, education, economic well-being, power, and safety.


Diaspora Relief was founded by two Black Women; Danielle Ijeoma Onyekwere and Olufunmilayo Adeleye-Oladejo, who both serve currently as the President and Vice President respectively.


Diaspora Relief with her diligent team of volunteers ensured the safe evacuation out of Ukrainian States: Kiev, Sumy, Lviv, Kharviv, Kherson, Ternopil and Dnipro to neighbouring countries like Poland, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Slovakia and Austria etc.

Diaspora Relief delivers a number of services, including emergency response, health care, education programs and resettlements project.

Evacuation, Short-term accommodation, Legal-Aid, Educational grants, Job Placement, Emergency Relief(Relocation assistance, clothing allowance, feeding in the form grocery stipends, medical expenses and mental health services for trauma management).

DR health programs assisted approximately 100 persons in 15 countries, focusing on primary health care, medical expenses and mental health services for trauma management.

Diaspora Relief works in various settings such as in refugee camps, shelters in host countries where refugees have resettled after the war.

Diaspora Relief help to resettle newly arrived refugees in the EU and Africa and provide various services tostudents refugees, asylees.Providing temporary accommodation for evacuees.

Resettlement services include providing immediate aid, including food and shelter; assisting with Job Placement (provide career services, mentorship and internship opportunities); and giving access to clothing, medical attention, education,and community orientation.

Provide short-term educational assistance to cover tuition costs for evacuees to enable the continuation of their education, create and implement developmental programs and tech support in the form of providing laptops and internet data packages

Procuring legal representation to assist Evacuees and/or asylum seekers especially those trapped in refugee camps. Provide immigration and consular services.

In addition to integrating refugees into host countries, Diaspora Relief also provided immigration services to refugees and people who have been granted asylum.

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